Update May 14: Resilient has been rewritten, revised, retitled and re-covered. Same for Resurgent and Remise (pre-release). Look for the new series to be released soon. Also, Book 4 is well in progress. It's a different approach but part of the Fisher of Time world.
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Book One: Fisher of Time series

What does an immortal do in Amsterdam, other than live the international good life, and occasionally take down vicious thugs and serial killers? Senecus, a former Roman soldier of the Ninth Legion, has kept a low profile while navigating through history. But suddenly he is chasing an elusive jinn sowing chaos across the Netherlands, battling an ancient enemy from his past, and hunting a Great Serpent from North American mythology. He forms an uneasy alliance with the Church to hunt threats to humanity and discover his true origins. But he must protect his Cherokee shape shifter family by keeping them secret. Meanwhile a blonde British librarian will require him to make the most difficult decision of his life. After centuries of simplicity, life just got complicated.

ISBN: 978-1-7373680-0-7

Settings - US: Ft. Smith AR, Moffett OK, North Carolina

                  Netherlands - Amsterdam, Utrecht, Woerden, Meije, Texel

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Remise, Book 3, is delayed for cover. Also pulling Books 1 and 2 from all retail except Amazon for revisions, edits, and new covers. If you need a copy of Resilient or Resurgent  please contact me. Hope to have everything back up in a few weeks.

Book Two: Fisher of Time series

Life for Senecus has not only gotten more complicated, it’s also a lot busier. He hunts new creatures around the world for the Church. Then he learns of their betrayal, and he escapes with Jo as they become the hunted. He also must reunite and organize his shape shifting family in America to prepare for the coming troubles. Luckily, he finds ancient allies, both in the New and Old World. Lured to a trap by his old Roman nemesis, he finds himself on the losing end of a fight for his life, tested beyond his limits. No rest for the weary.

ISBN: 978-1-7373680-2-1


Settings - US: Alaska, Asheville NC, Phoenix AZ

                  Netherlands, Scotland, Italy, Finland, Prague

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Remise (April 30?)

Book Three: Fisher of Time series

Senecus discovers his incredible origins, and that he has passed those gifts on to others. But the fae want back what is theirs. Meanwhile, chasing demons and master vampires across the world keeps him too busy to worry about impending fatherhood, until his nemesis makes the mistake of kidnaping the pregnant woman dear to Sen. Brandishing Odin's weapons, there is hell to pay for those on earth. Then it's a one-way trip to the future to pay hell forward. 


Settings - US: North Carolina, Minnesota, Pacific Northwest

                  Ireland, Thailand, Netherlands, Mexico

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