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Life can't be all fantasy and fun.  Sometimes you have to learn.  And what is a better teacher than a chicken? And after all that learning, you get hungry.  So you have to cook chicken.   It is better to know more about what you are cooking as well.  So here are some textbooks to get you started. Upcoming projects also listed.

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The Logy of Chicken:
Everything I Know I Learned from a Chicken 


IChickens have been a big part of science yet never get the credit.  

Without them we woud know a lot less about vitamins and minerals, genetics, immunology, general nutrition, embryology, cancer, and much more.

What it is really about: I unleash my inner Ricky Gervais (smartass) take on chickens, the poultry industry, and academia. 

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Screen Shot 2021-09-19 at
Poultry Meat Processing

Available on Amazon and other outlets: Not for sale on this site.       I have never seen any royalty payments and don't expect to see any. My chapters are:


Chapter 15: Marination, cooking, and curing of poultry products

D.P. Smith and J.C. Acton 

Chapter 16: Quailty assurance and process control

D.P. Smith

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Food Processing: Principles and Applications


Available on Amazon and other outlet: Not for sale on this site. I have never seen any royalty payments and don't expect to see any. My chapter:


Chapter 24: Poultry Processing and Products

D.P. Smith 

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It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken


Why does everything now taste like chicken, but chicken? It's not what it used to be.

Welcome to the world of Big Food.

Profits and production override quality.  Big Food produces bigly, at a big cost.  But we can't yet live without it.  

Sustainable, small-scale farming is not yet developed to provide mass quantities of cheap protein to billions

of people.  

But you can learn to protect yourself from purchasing and eating poor quality poultry. Learn to spot the bad stuff, and try safe and tasty local birds, or even different species. Guinea hen is better than chicken anyway.

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