A Tri-genre Approach

Updated: Mar 6

Might as well try different things. Including different genres and the newish Kindle Vella approach. What could be more popular than serial stories about chickens and the humans around them? I'm a natural smartass, so it's easy to poke fun at the humans. The stories are mostly nonfiction at least as much as anything else these days. If you want the truth, proceed to FB or your social media of choice. The truth is out there, according to Fox Mulder. Meanwhile, "I aim to misbehave" in the immortal words of Capt. Mal Reynolds, of the good ship Serenity.

Oh, the other genre, you ask, since the title implies threee? I know it's a typo, I just think it's appropriate to add an extra 'e' to three. The third genre continues to remain nameless and continues under a pen name. After the first million $ I'll claim it under my own name. And listen to the lamentations of the readers. It has been quite an experience so far, though. I don't know what else to do, so I am carrying on.

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