One book done, what did I learn?


Short answer is - continue staying away from poetry. It just don't take.

Long answers is - more than I ever thought I would, and it continues.

First book really did not take that long to write. But it took countless hours to make it passable, both from the writing perspective and from the business aspect.


For me, writing is enjoyable and the cheapest form of therapy. I don't have issues with creating lots fo stuff from nothing, nor do I have problems writing and editing. But I recognize that, as with everything else, it takes time to get good at it. When I finished the book at the end of May after 100 days of labor, it was frustrating to go through multiple edits, read-throughs, and software edits (thanks ProWritingAid). I had a short wait for the cover, but as I kept editing I realized the book was not great. So I tamped down more frustration, did as recommended, and hired a freelance editor (thanks Amanda). More waiting, but worthwhile to keep working on the text and writing books two and rhree. Then a partial rewrite of one when the paid edit came back.

I finally got so tired of dealing with book one that I published it. I think that sometimes happens with 'starter' books. But learnings from book one already have paid off, as book two is definitely better, and book three is shaping up as well. The business portion has been a brutal learning curve and demotivating as hell. I trick myself into thinking its a learning experience, or that it really is innovative and a way to show creativity (it's not). But it has to be done. This week I'm entering the world of online marketing. At least I have spiked eggnog to get through it.

The Payoff

Resilient ended up on this website, then quickly on Amazon and kobo. Tried google, and after ten days it finally showed up. Apple happens on December 20, after a nearly four week wait. Why? Because.

I put a couple of blurbs on FB and even LinkedIn.

Net so far, mostly purchases by friends and family, about $80.

Outlay so far, software/editing/cover, about $2200.

At this rate, I should be completely broke after the third book.

Just kidding (mostly). Book one really needed the editing help. Software not a cost since already purchased. Book covers will be the only significant future expenses. I really NEED a freelance editor, I just CANNOT AFFORD one for additional books. So I better get damn good, and quick.

I really won't know how Resilient had done for another couple of months. Resurgent is due out in the next two weeks, so with discounting and adding that second book, the sales may pick up. Or I'll just scrap the eggnog and focus on the rum.

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