What? Me Worry?

Updated: Aug 20

It has been 12 months and two weeks, or 54 weeks, since I began the path of a fiction writer. I don’t know why exactly, but words erupted from me and hurled themselves through the keyboard and onto the computer screen. As good a reason as any.

My tally so far is two books written and published, third is 50% finished; all are part of a fantasy trilogy. I also have a Kindle Vella serial under a pen name and different genre. Started a publishing company for me, myself, and I, called Kingfisher Press.

Sounds impressive from a numbers perspective - 2.5 books and a series in about a year. But it should have been more, for two reasons.

First, I spent more time learning the self-publishing business than I did writing. I’m still learning. Once I got most of the those details figured out after dozens of errors, I then began the marketing part. I think I’m about 5-10% into that world, so far. It’ll take me the rest of 2022 to get up to speed on the marketing aspect.

Second, I’ve been writing and editing non-fiction for 35 years. Yep, since around 1986. That helped quite a bit on the whole “how do I get started?”, “what do I do next?”, “is my writing any good?”, “what the hell am I doing”, and “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” aspects of writerdom. A few hundred episodes of been there, done that; wrote a lot because I had to, won an award, couple of editorships, got lots of demands for major rewrites, and my share of rejections. Grew the skin really thick, slogged on, slowly got better.

So yeah, my numbers look good, but should have been better. Learning a completely new business, and trying to be good enough to eventually be successful (whatever the hell that mean these days) took more time than I’d ever imagined. Still does.

The journey continues. Looking for a good accountant to handle the fortune that is rolling in. All $125 of it, so far.

Reminds me of the old joke - An ancient farmer, about to lose the farm to the bank, bought a lottery ticket. He won ten million dollars. When the local paper asked him what he was going to do (go to DisneyWorld! Buy an island and retire! Hookers!) His response was: “Guess I’ll keep farming til the money runs out again.”

Guess I’ll keep writing til the money runs out.

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