After the Sounds Came the Colors
A short designed for a new project - not the Fisher of Time series

After the sounds came the colors.  Rich and vibrant reds and purples and beiges.  Pink sponges and sharp white splinters.  A surprising number of blotches and clumps oozing brown and green.   The jumbled remnants of thirty-four previously breathing people.  Now a massive puzzle of chunks and bits that would take months to decipher. Except months weren’t available – all god’s critters got shelf lives, especially after extensive exposure of previously internal organs and contents to oxygen. 


Sig stood vaguely sickened at the edge of the meat zoo like everyone else.  Too proud to puke but too stunned to do more than stand and stare at a spot a few feet above the daymare.   Funny thing about feet, seemed to be the most intact parts, probably due to the initial protection of the shoes.


“Sig!” screamed a voice from a newly arrived hover.  “What the hell are you doing?  Start grabbing ID’s from the vics.”


Sig cocked his head slightly, dropped his lips and quietly expelled a “screw you” to the hover shield.  “What purpose would semi-shredded ID tabs have on deciphering this Brunswick stew?” he asked.


“Don’t matter, grab a bag and wade in,” was the only response he got.


Sig pulled a parts bag from the box on the outside of a bulk hover, slipped on electrostatic gloves to the elbow, and slid on matching knee boots.   The facemask went on last.  Now off to grandmother’s house to pick some plasti-cerm fragments out of the muck. He needed to be quick before the cleaner came in.  


Somebody had gotten a bright idea after the last incident to hoover up the remains with a street cleaner vac modified with a chipper device on the end of the 18 inch tube. Everything slimed together quick, then lasered to ash at the exit tube going into the bulk hover.  A quick communal bonfire of the calamities.




“That should have worked.  It must work.  But then why all the dead? Again?”  The loop went again through Don’s head for the next hour.  Oscillating translocational gravity waves could be used to transport simple molecular structures to the Ooort belt in much less than a second, but organics didn’t seem to agree with the current physics.  Not only did they not transport, but an inverse logarithmic negative pulse was generated that could wipe out an entire room.  And just had again, despite the precautions.